The DRX mobile app for Medicare enrollment

The DRX mobile app for Medicare enrollment is being used by Aetna and a half dozen other insurers this quarter to enroll hundreds of thousands of beneficiaries into new Medicare plans using mobile devices. The DRX Mobile Field Enrollment tool for iPad “will provide an engaging user experience both for our brokers and agents, and […]

6 Ways to Spend Less on Health Care

Chicago Tribune – By Kiplinger Washington Editors. Many people are shouldering a larger portion of their health care expenses. But using a few key strategies can cut your costs: 1. Spend less on drugs Switching to generic drugs is one of the easiest ways to save, especially now that some big-name medications, such as Lipitor, […]

Goodbye, Lipitor. Pfizer Bids a Farewell

The Wall Street Journal – By Jonathan D. Rockoff. Farewell after all, Lipitor. Pfizer Inc. conducted an intriguing experiment in brand marketing this year, aggressively pushing the cholesterol-fighting drug Lipitor in the U.S. even after its patent expired on Nov. 30. But after spending more than $87 million promoting the medicine, the world’s biggest drug […]

Most U.S. Doctors Ignore Older Patient Meds

HealthPlanMarkets. Hartford Foundation just found in a survey that one-third of older adults say doctors didn’t bother to review all their medications, and most doctors do not provide any prevention services at all for seniors. That could be costly: About 75 percent of all premium drugs on the market today have a lower-cost alternative, according […]